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So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
(Romans 10:17)

These lessons were given by Dr. Thomas Holland.

Lesson 1: The Biblical Foundation for the Preservation of God's Word

In this lesson Dr. Holland establishes the Bible as the starting point for this class. In fact, this lesson shows the importance of basing our faith on God's Word alone.

Lesson 2: Presenting Some Basics

This lesson lays a basic foundation for understanding textual criticism.

Lesson 3: Listing Some Differences

This lesson shows some differences between the King James Bible and modern translations.

Lesson 4: Early Heresies and the Alexandrian and Western Line

This lesson traces heresies in the early church as well as the development of the Greek text that underlies the NIV and other modern perversions of the Bible.

Lesson 5 - The Traditional Text Line

This lesson traces the development of the Greek text that underlies the KJV.

Lesson 6: German, Spanish, and Early English Versions

This lesson discusses German, Spanish, and early English versions of the Bible based on the Textus Receptus.

Lesson 7: The Authorized Version

This lesson discusses the history behind the King James Version, as well as comparisons between it and the New King James Version.

Lesson 8: The Hebrew Masoretic Text and Greek Septuagint:

This lesson discusses the origin of the Hebrew Masoretic text and the Greek Septuagint, including comparisons between the Septuagint and the KJV.

Lesson 9: The Dead Sea Scrolls:

In this lesson Dr. Holland discusses the significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls in relation to the King James Bible.

Lesson 10: Textual Considerations

In this lesson Dr. Holland discusses the significance of how the actual text was translated. He gives quite a few examples verses from different versions.

Lesson 11: Translational Considerations

In this lesson Dr. Holland discusses some different translations in various languages in relation to the King James Bible.

Lesson Twelve: Deliberating the Arguments

In this concluding lesson Dr. Holland discusses more on how to know which Bible is the true words of God. He points out many more philosophies and errors of D. A. Carson, Bruce Metzger, and James White.


Brother John Babster for formatting the class into HTML format. You can also go directly to a mirror site at his Preservation Page for these lessons. The class is well worth the effort he put forth to do it.


Steve Van Hatton where I swiped the background from. The graphic background is Papyrus. It is called "bull rushes" in the King James Bible. It was used in ancient Egypt to make boats, paper, musical instruments, and many useful things. It grows out from river and lake shores to form a floating mat on which some fishermen actually live. During high water periods, sections of the matted Papyrus can break off and float away forming ghostly islands. The key to raising papyrus is to keep it floating wet. It is the perfect plant for a child to start gardening. He cannot drown it.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved!


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