Numbers 24:17
I shall see him, but not now: I shall behold him, but not nigh: there shall come a Star out of Jacob, and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel, and shall smite the corners of Moab, and destroy all the children of Sheth.

Genesis 19:37
And t he firstborn bare a son, and called his name Moab: the same is the father of the Moabites unto this day.
  1. Origin of the Moabites, Ammonites as well
  2. The Moabites were one of the three main tribes Israel always fought(Moab, Ammon, Edom-Esau)
  3. The field of Moab (Hadad the son Bedad smote Midian there)
  4. Worshiped Chemosh (the destroyer, the subduer, fish god)
  5. This house Chemosh was, to them, the counterpart to the God of Bethel(Jeremiah 48:13) Jeremiah 48:13 And Moab shall be ashamed of Chemosh, as the house of Israel was ashamed of Bethel their confidence.
  6. Worshipped Ball-Peor (of the mountain of Peor)
  7. There was the field of Moab
  8. There was the plains of Moab
  9. There was the wilderness before Moab
  10. There was Arnon in Moab, which borders Ammon
  11. Mt. Pisgah is there
  12. Ar of Moab was the capital
  13. Balak, king of the Moabites, and Balaam
  14. Edom's men were called the mighty men of Moab
  15. A chief or prince, royalty
  16. Israel adopted their religion, took their daughters
  17. Judges 21-25 has a lot on Moab
  18. God spoke to Moses there (Numbers 35) about the cities of refuge
  19. Moses declared the law in Deuteronomy in Moab
  20. God told Moses not to contend with them, because He would not give them the land of Moab (Deuteronomy 2:9)
  21. Moab was afraid of Israel, as she encircled to get into the Land
  22. Moabites were forbidden to enter into the congregation of Israel
  23. Moses died and was buried by God, secretly, in Moab
  24. Israel served Eglon king of Moab 18 years, until Ehud slew him
  25. Moab refused Israel passage in Judges 11:17
  26. Ruth was a Moabitess
  27. Israel fell captive to them again in 1 Samuel 12
  28. King David smote them and made them servants to Israel
  29. Balak wanted them gone and asked Balaam to curse them
  30. Balaam instead gave a Messianic Prophecy (Numbers 24:17)
  31. Moab was to be given to Lot's descendants, not a land to Israel (Deuteronomy 2:9)
  32. Ehud the left-handed Benjamite Israelite killed Eglon the fat king of Moab
  33. The Moabites were constantly a thorn in the side of Israel through the reigns of Saul and David, and after Solomon
  34. David sought refuge from Saul of the king of Moab (1 Samuel 22:3)
  35. David later smote the Moabites and the Philistines and made the Moabites bond servants(2 Samuel 8:2)
  36. Some of the women Solomon loved were Moabites, and he built a high place for their god Chemosh
  37. Elisha and Jehosaphat, king of Edom battled them with the deception of sunrise-colored, red water, making the king think it was a battle that turned them upon themselves, for the spoil (2 Kings 3)
  38. Pahathmoab is a title for "Governor of Moab in Ezra, Nehemiah
  39. Moab was spoken of in Isaiah through Jeremiah unto Zephaniah
  40. Moab is present day Jordan, still called that today by God
Isaiah 15:1
The burden of Moab. Because in the night Ar of Moab is laid waste, and brought to silence; because in the night Kir of Moab is laid waste, and brought to silence;
Isaiah 15:2
He is gone up to Bajith, and to Dibon, the high places, to weep: Moab shall howl over Nebo, and over Medeba: on all their heads shall be baldness, and every beard cut off.
Isaiah 15:3
In their streets they shall gird themselves with sackcloth: on the tops of their houses, and in their streets, every one shall howl, weeping abundantly.
Isaiah 15:4
And Heshbon shall cry, and Elealeh: their voice shall be heard even unto Jahaz: therefore the armed soldiers of Moab shall cry out; his life shall be grievous unto him.
Isaiah 15:5
My heart shall cry out for Moab; his fugitives shall flee unto Zoar, an heifer of three years old: for by the mounting up of Luhith with weeping shall they go it up; for in the way of Horonaim they shall raise up a cry of destruction.
Isaiah 15:6
For the waters of Nimrim shall be desolate: for the hay is withered away, the grass faileth, there is no green thing.
Jeremiah 48:34
From the cry of Heshbon even unto Elealeh, and even unto Jahaz, have they uttered their voice, from Zoar even unto Horonaim, as an heifer of three years old: for the waters also of Nimrim shall be desolate.

Genesis 15:9
And he said unto him, Take me an heifer of three years old, and a she goat of three years old, and a ram of three years old, and a turtledove, and a young pigeon.

Isaiah 15:7
Therefore the abundance they have gotten, and that which they have laid up, shall they carry away to the brook of the willows.

Isaiah 15:8
For the cry is gone round about the borders of Moab; the howling thereof unto Eglaim, and the howling thereof unto Beerelim.
Isaiah 15:9
For the waters of Dimon shall be full of blood: for I will bring more upon Dimon, lions upon him that escapeth of Moab, and upon the remnant of the land.